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About the BUGs

The Hornsby BUGS Ukulele Group will be meeting again on Thursday 20 September 2018 at 10.30am. We have a rock-and-roll group called Trion coming along and that will be the theme for the day.  Dress up if you want and dancing is acceptable.

We are excited that we've been offered a new home at:

Magpies Waitara,

The Black and White Room

11-37 Alexandria Parade, Waitara.


We welcome other instruments and we've had guitars, banjos, mandolins, a piano accordion join us.  If you got one of these instruments in the cupboard, gathering dust, bring it along.

Meetings will run on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month until Thursday 6 December 2018, when we'll stop for the Christmas break.

Send an email to join the mailing list and receive a programme for each meeting.

Our "Ukuleles for Seniors" beginner's programme and private lessons are still available. 

For enquiries about BUGS' meetings, lessons, the Hornsby BUGS Schools programme or for aged care performances

Email: hornsbybugs@hotmail.com

Phone: (02) 9456.3028 Meg and Frank



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