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Visiting Musicians

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Among Strangers: this is two very talented young people who have a wide repertoire and an extensive musical education. Alisha Quilty is a singer and guitarist who also plays ukulele and Dan Bennett sings and plays piano. We have been lucky enough to have them come along to BUGS twice now during 2018 and we’ve played along to them singing songs by Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, David Bowie, Patsy Cline, Taylor Swift and many others. You can see more of Among Strangers at amongstrangersmusic.com






Trion is a classic rock-n-roll group that plays regularly for the rock-n-roll dancing community.  We were very lucky to have them come along to BUGS in September 2018.  We played along to popular songs such as Then He Kissed Me, Runaway and Rockin’ Robin and to Apache which is a well known Shadows instrumental. 

Their website is TrionMusic.com.au  





Steve Passfield and Kathryn Jones





Steve Passfield and Kathryn Jones have both given excellent workshops for BUGS.  Their latest CD called Lil’ Gypsy is well worth getting. Not only are they great songs but there's quite a few that ukulele players can strum along to. 



Cameron Murray



Cameron Murray has visited BUGS and run a great workshop for us.  Cameron has been playing uke for more than half his life and is a master of the George Formby style.  Cameron is publisher and editor of the international ukulele magazine “Kamuke” (Kamuke.com). 


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